How it works

Its pretty simple, really!! The Project Green Bean movement was started to help home gardeners follow the path of organic fertilizing. Heres how this works

  • We reach out to local coffee and tea shops to collect their used coffee grounds and tea leaves. Usually these local shops dump the remnants into plastic garbage bags that end up in landfills. What we have found is most of these shops love the fact we are reducing their waste and carbon footprint so are happy to give us their stuff.
  • We then prep what we collect. In keeping with trying to stay green everything is environmentally friendly. The sun is our drier and chemicals aren't our friend!
  • Once its prepped and ready to be used in the garden we are ready to send it out.
  • Heres where you come in, please read the links on how used coffee and tea can help you. If you know you need it just send us an email ( requesting some and we will get it to you.
  • How much does it cost? Nothing! Really, we are doing this free of charge. We hope to start a movement and eventually start tracking how much we are keeping out of landfills. Thats it!
Since we are doing this on our free time and not as a business please be patient, if we are overwhelmed by the demand we might be a bit behind getting it out to everyone who requests it.


How you can help

On the locations page we have a list of supporting coffee and tea stores, these are the stores that work with us to keep their waste out of landfills. Please either encourage stores not on the list to reach out to us to arrange for us to pick up their used grounds or leaves, or if you find a store that works with us please frequent it. It encourages them to stay green. It helps to let them know you are going there because they follow a responsible business model.

To drive the idea we are encouraging partnering business to display our logo. If you see the green bean sticker you are among friends. If you feel upto it we can send you a green bean t-shirt just pay the cost of shipping, we dont have much of a budget so dont have that many to give out.


Where do we go from here?

We hope to start a movement to get more and more people interested in the practise of reducing the human carbon footprint. Eventually we hope to get to a point where we can make enough to start giving to other environmental causes. For now we are small and hoping a good idea is all it takes to drive a movement.


Wise Words

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better - Albert Einstein"

Contact Us

You can reach us at or